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Applied Seismology, GEOS 626
Presentation of modeling techniques for earthquakes and Earth structure using wave propagation algorithms and real seismic data. Covers several essential theories and algorithms for applications in seismology, as well as the basic tools needed for processing and using recorded seismograms. Topics include the seismic wavefield (body waves and surface waves), earthquake moment tensors, earthquake location, and seismic tomography. Assignments require familiarity with vector calculus, linear algebra, and computational tools such as Matlab.
Prerequisites: GEOS 631 (Foundations of Geophysics) or permission of instructor.

Inverse Problems and Parameter Estimation, GEOS 627
A forward problem uses a model to make predictions; an inverse problem uses observations to infer properties of an unknown physical model. One example of an inverse problem is how to use seismometer recordings to infer the location of an earthquake. This course covers inverse theory and methods for solving inverse problems, including numerous examples arising in the natural sciences. Topics include linear regression, method of least squares, discrete ill-posed inverse problems, estimation of uncertainties, iterative optimization, and probabilistic (Bayesian) and sampling approaches. Assignments require familiarity with linear algebra and computational tools such as Matlab.
Prerequisites: MATH 202 (Calculus III) and Math 314 (linear algebra), or permission of instructor.

Fall 2012, Geoscience Seminar (GEOS 482/682)