University of Alaska Fairbanks
Department of Geology and Geophysics
Geoscience Seminar (GEOS 482/682)
Fall 2012

Syllabus (pdf)
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GEOS 682 pre-seminar handout (Word document)
info for speakers (pdf)

Recommended reading from each speaker:
(Seminar speakers, please email Carl if you have material you'd like to post here.)

Erin Pettit
Sept 07
pdf1, pdf2, pdf3, pdf4, pdf5
UAF grad students
Sept 14

Jeff Benowitz
Sept 21
pdf1, pdf2, pdf3
David Fee
Sept 28
pdf1, pdf2, pdf3
Paul Rosen (JPL)
Oct 05
pdf to be emailed
Wes Wallace
Oct 12
pdf1, pdf2
Ed Bueler
Oct 19
pdf, pdf1 and pdf2 to be emailed
Jessica Larsen
Oct 26
pdf1, pdf2, pdf3
Jon Dehn
Nov 02
watch the movie 2012; review Newton's Law of Gravitation
Jim Beget
Nov 09
pdf1, pdf2, pdf3
Anthony Arendt
Nov 16
pdf1, pdf2, pdf3
Anupma Prakash
Nov 30
Ken Severin
Dec 07